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The Force Is Strong With This One

Inspired by a photo that Uncle George posted on his Facebook account, I replicated this for Olive’s first photoshoot:


No evil will dare leia hand upon her.

And topped it up with this:


Yoda not simply take one shot when she’s this cute. Many, you will take.

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My Precious

Posted this on my Facebook account:

Another moment that reminds me just how precious and beautiful life is.

Thank you Oska, for being the ever endearing and reliable friend, lover, husband, and now daddy.

Thank you baby Olive for such a fuss free and enjoyable pregnancy, and for coming to this world healthy.

They say it takes a village to raise a child but it feels as though Sophie and I have an entire military contingent looking out for us. So thank you, family and friends, for all the support and pampering. I hope Olive continues to bring you joy.

the extremely grateful new mummy.

Our very first family picture, right after Sophie was born, 141014.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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I like to move it, move it.

Olive is at her most active in week 31. I have felt fetal hiccups for four consecutive days now. She has lessened her yoga moves and is now trying to be a hip hop dancer or MMA fighter.

It’s amazing how every single effortless belly movement, that may be uncomfortable, still makes me feel so at ease.

By the way, in case you are put off by the dark vertical line right across my belly button, that’s the linea nigra. Another ugly stripe earned due to the pregnancy hormones, but perfectly normal and should fade away after birth.

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Asians & Gambling

Got to admit, I add to the statistics as to why Asians are stereotyped as the group of people, who like to gamble and probably gamble the most as compared to other ethnic groups.

During my last check up at week 28, my obstetrician was as usual telling me how well Olive has grown and he also gave me Olive’s estimated weight of 1278g. Coincidentally, both the license plate numbers of our family cars are permutations of these 4 magical numbers, ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘7’, and ‘8’.

When someone gives you 4 numbers, and especially when these numbers seem ‘extra special’, the first thing that many Singaporeans will think of is to buy 4D. And that I did!

Click here to see the overview of 4D, a betting game in Singapore in which you select a 4-digit number from 0000-9999.

This was one of those times when I succumbed to the fascination with the mystical qualities of luck, fate and chance against my better judgment. ‘Luck’ and ‘Fate’ were already on my side, but because I was greedy for a bigger win, I missed the ‘Chance’ of actually winning something. 1287 4D

Hey Olive, even without this incident, Mummy knows how a tiny little thing like you is such a great big blessing….but, how about another set of numbers for Mummy? Pretty please? No really, I’m just kidding.