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Achievement Unlocked

4 months since my last post?

So many things about Olive that I want to document, which I did on instagram. But I think it is time I document them on this blog as well, for in case. Always good to have a backup, no?

Just today, I got to witness Olive’s first steps. 6 little flying steps before she threw herself forward into my arms. This is my little Olive at 5 days shy of turning 11 months small.

Also today, while flipping through a magazine, she pointed to a picture of a dog and said “Doe-dog! Doe-dog!” I have been repeating certain words to Olive on an everyday basis, especially animal names because animals are all the rage when it comes to babies’ first words. So I think she actually knew what she was talking about earlier!

What a magical feeling! Oh, what a day!

Gingham romper and knee high gold ribbon socks from @hubbleandduke and reversible bibdana worn as headscarf from @paperplanekids.

Gingham romper from @hubbleandduke and reversible bibdana worn as headscarf from @paperplanekids.

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Lest We Forget

Olive’s Birth Story

13th Oct 4am: Started experiencing Braxton Hicks.

14th Oct 10pm: Regular contractions commenced. 40 seconds to a minute of pain, 5 minutes interval.

14th Oct 11pm: Admitted to the hospital. 2cm dilated. Enema administered.

14th Oct 2am: Needed rest and sleep badly but the pain was getting to me. Caved and signed the indemnity form for epidural.

14th Oct 3am: 4-5cm dilated.

14th Oct 5am: 7cm dilated.

14th Oct 7.30am: 10cm dilated. Pushing with the encouragement of the oldest nurse/midwife in Singapore started. Comically choked while exerting, spat at her, and laughed like a mad woman.

14th Oct 8.15am: Nurse called for the Doc and Olive was delivered at 0838hrs after 2 rounds of contractions/pushing.

No birth plan, just went with the flow, and eternally grateful for the very encouraging and supportive husband who stuck by me the whole time.


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First Veggies

After one week of Heinz smooth baby rice, I decided to introduce broccoli puree to Olive.

This is her eagerly anticipating her solids:

Pre broccoli

This is her reaction from her first veggie meal:

Post broccoli

She was a little upset with her broccoli puree on the first day but by the third day, she got used to the taste and actually whined for more.

Broccoli is definitely a superfood for babies but because it is part of the cruciferous clan, it did give Olive gas. Guess I will have to come back to it a little later.

Read: When can my Baby eat Broccoli?

Also in love with the Philips AVENT combined steamer and blender because:

1. It is so easy to use.
2. Just steam, flip, blend, serve.
3. Easy as A, B, C.

Philips Blender

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Fat Chick’s First Foods

28 March 2015: Olive ate solid food for the first time at 5.5 months.

This is what she had for the 2nd meal of the day, supplemented by breast milk:


I was expecting her to have just a couple teaspoons for the first time, but no, she finished the entire bowl. In the process, lunging herself forward to snatch the spoon and bowl, and whining when I was “slow” to feed. And no, I was not slow. I gave her one spoon after another only to stop when I had to restrain her hands.

Prep instructions: Add 4 dessert spoons of your baby’s usual warm milk to 1 dessert spoon of baby rice in a bowl and stir.

Actual prep Day 1: I added 4 table spoons of warm breast milk to 1 table spoon of baby rice.

Actual prep today, Day 5: I added 8 table spoons of warm breast milk (50ml) to 2.5 table spoons of baby rice.

Here is how the fat chick looks like for her first solid meal:

Sophie weaning

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Happiest Pi on 3.14.15

Olive turns 5 months on March 14th 2015. What a magical day that happens only once a century! And for that, she got not 1, but 2 cakes. Thanks π.

Processed with VSCOcam

Rocking her clothes from BAPE.

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Eh Sexy Lady

This one got both her looks and humour from her Dad.Sophie Gangnam Style edited 2

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No Other Love, Mama I’m Cryin’

Olive is so cute, she’s scary!

Halloween is not over until I say it is.

Halloween is not over until I say it is.