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Diamond Valley Railway fun

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Oh what fun it is to ride on a miniature train!

So glad we made a pit stop at Diamond Valley Railway from Great Ocean Road to Yarra Valley. We only managed one ride in a slight drizzle before it started raining, and what a memorable ride it was. Just look at the glee on Olive’s face!

There weren’t many people when we were there due to bad weather, just two other families with kids. One boy in particular seemed to have taken more than 10 rides, and exasperated ticket-buying Dad had to play tug of war every time his boy got off the train. Mom was just going with the flow, accepting her fate as train ride buddy. So kid won. Every. Single. Time. Until rain came and saved the parents’ day. The end. Now let’s wait and see how Oska and I manage Olive’s toddlerhood.

If you are travelling in Melbourne with kids or if you are a railfan, I would highly recommend making a trip there.


Running Times: Sundays only 11am-5pm
Tickets: AUD3 per passenger per ride; free for children under 2
Location: Eltham Lower Park, Eltham Victoria 3095

Interestingly, this railway is staffed by volunteers only. Those we met all looked like Santa Clauses in different shape and sizes, who were taking a break in summer by doing some volunteer work. They were friendly and informative, and chatted with us while we waited for our mini train ride to commence.


The look on Olive’s face when she spotted the train! Oooooh!

Author: JaniceT

A Mother in Search of the Unbearable Lightness of Being.

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