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Achievement Unlocked

4 months since my last post?

So many things about Olive that I want to document, which I did on instagram. But I think it is time I document them on this blog as well, for in case. Always good to have a backup, no?

Just today, I got to witness Olive’s first steps. 6 little flying steps before she threw herself forward into my arms. This is my little Olive at 5 days shy of turning 11 months small.

Also today, while flipping through a magazine, she pointed to a picture of a dog and said “Doe-dog! Doe-dog!” I have been repeating certain words to Olive on an everyday basis, especially animal names because animals are all the rage when it comes to babies’ first words. So I think she actually knew what she was talking about earlier!

What a magical feeling! Oh, what a day!

Gingham romper and knee high gold ribbon socks from @hubbleandduke and reversible bibdana worn as headscarf from @paperplanekids.

Gingham romper from @hubbleandduke and reversible bibdana worn as headscarf from @paperplanekids.