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50 Shades of Breastfeeding

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It has been quite a while since I last posted. Been juggling new mom duties, work, and relocation, and it has been one hellavu ride.

Decided it is time to catch up a little on this blog, now that I am more settled and have time to breathe.

Here’s a funny post to share for a start: 50 Shades of Breastfeeding: Every Nursing Mother’s Painful Secret.

I was experiencing no. 5, Olive the tantric nurser, for the first month. The endless hours of nursing resulted in cracked nipples, blebs and milk blisters. You name it, I had it all. I tried so many ways to ease the nursing pain i.e. nipple shields, cold compress, hot packs, and nearly resorted to using a sterile needle to get at the blisters. But at the end of the day only 2 remedies worked for me:

1. Nipple cream (could not do without the Lansinoh or the medela purelan 100)110811_lansinoh_hpa_lanolin_topical_treatmentpurelan_frontal
2. Latch, latch, and latch because really, Olive is the best boob Doctor (and also the worst boob abuser).

Not sure how many mothers feel this way but I honestly think that the breastfeeding journey is much tougher, more intense, and more painful than the actual delivery. But it’s true also when other mothers tell me that it will only get better. It did, and I am thoroughly enjoying the breastfeeding journey now that I am a professional milk cow.

Olive the Milk Monster

Olive the Milk Monster

5 months on from when I started the breastfeeding journey, and I am now trying to defend myself from the “I-Cant-Believe-They’re-Not-Knives” Play. How fun! And yes, I mean it, it really is fun.

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A Mother in Search of the Unbearable Lightness of Being.

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