a Mother in Search of the Unbearable Lightness of Being

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Eh Sexy Lady

This one got both her looks and humour from her Dad.Sophie Gangnam Style edited 2

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Caving in

Olive whines, I cave in.

Olive smiles, I cave in.

Olive cries, I cave in.

This mama needs to train her heart from melting and from giving in incessantly before she can feed/sleep-train her little one. But how?PJS_1223

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Not just a Mama

Because I am not just Olive’s mama. I’m me, I have my own identity, and I am also Oska’s wife, lover, and friend.

Therefore, I posted this on Facebook on 10.11.14:

Only been a year since 10.11.13 and we have been blessed with the cutest, sweetest, (insert all positive adjectives)-est baby girl, Olive.

Now I’ve not one, but two babies to love because you have been and always will be the first. Happy 1st wedding anniversary Oska.

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No Other Love, Mama I’m Cryin’

Olive is so cute, she’s scary!

Halloween is not over until I say it is.

Halloween is not over until I say it is.

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The Force Is Strong With This One

Inspired by a photo that Uncle George posted on his Facebook account, I replicated this for Olive’s first photoshoot:


No evil will dare leia hand upon her.

And topped it up with this:


Yoda not simply take one shot when she’s this cute. Many, you will take.