a Mother in Search of the Unbearable Lightness of Being

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3, 2, 1…

36 weeks going on 37 and I will officially be on maternity leave from tomorrow onwards. Also counting down to the move to our new home and Olive’s birth day.

My nesting instinct has kicked in and is at full throttle just like the mama cats, dogs, birds, and bees. While packing and organising, here’s what I discovered:

Baby clothes

Olive’s endless supply of new clothes for her first year contributed by her overly excited parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties.

Now now, everybody, keep calm and meditate together with me, “Ommmmmmmmmm…”.

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Apparently, I am in love with this kid.

#Apparentlykid, Noah Ritter, got on The Ellen Show, shot his first ever commercial, and it doesn’t seem like the interviews are going end. Seriously, this kid is super funny.

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Newborn Baby’s Checklist

So many newborn baby’s checklists out there as references but what do I really need?


Seriously, what in the world are nipple shields? Madonna’s cone bra? Milk collection shells? Cows use buckets, women use bottles, mermaids use shells?

The things I have to google for motherhood…oh my.

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World’s Best Father

A Daddy, his girl, his passion for photography, and some great parenting = World’s Greatest Dad – The Guy to Beat!

Time to follow his blog for laughs and inspiration: World’s Best Father – Dave Engledow

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GoT Girl?

Can’t wait to take shots of Olive like that: Babies + Pop Culture = Adorable

GoT Girl

Photo Courtesy: [guff]