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Pregnancy Test

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So a week before my period was due, I had this gut feeling that I was pregnant and I spent a fair amount of time googling ‘When to take a pregnancy test’.

Read through some pregnancy/baby forums and some mothers responded in what seemed like gibberish to me. For example, “Hi, new here and got my BFP 5DPO.” BFP? 5DPO? What are we talking about here? Is 5DPO the next generation of C-3P0 that you need to update your Big Fat Pregnancy to?

And then I found this:

BFP = big fat positive (pregnancy)
5DPO = 5 days past ovulation

Based on what I had read, one can start testing for pregnancy 14 days past ovulation which coincides with the first day of one’s expected period. Honestly, without my period tracker app, I wouldn’t have a clue when ovulation day starts. To keep things simple and accurate, I bought two pregnancy test kits 6 days after I missed my period. The first Watsons house brand test kit failed me and the second ClearBlue test kit produced a big fat positive.

I will never forget the sudden surge of emotions and physical reactions that swept through me when those clear blue lines magically appeared.


Surprise! Surprise!



Grinning from ear to ear, shedding a few tears, hands trembling, and shivers down my spine all at the same time.

Author: JaniceT

A Mother in Search of the Unbearable Lightness of Being.

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